Chinese Made Easy Textbook 3 - 3rd Edition

Author: Yamin Ma & Xinying Li
ISBN: 9789620434600
Format: Paperback
Script: Simplified

Chinese Made Easy (Books 1-7) adopts a unique approach to teaching Chinese as a foreign/second language. The teaching approach adapts widely-accepted foreign language teaching theories to the teaching of the Chinese language.
This series is designed for young students taking exams such as SAT II, IGCSE, IB, HSK, or for those students who are starting to learn Chinese on their own:

Books 1 - 3       IGCSE Foreign Language (UK)
Books 1 - 4       HSK Levels 1 -4 (China)
Books 1 - 5       IGCSE Second Language (UK), HSK Levels 1 -5 (China)
Books 6 - 7       HSK Level 6 (China), IB BS Level (four skills), IB BH (oral and written)

This series will introduce approximately 1800 characters.
The textbook and workbook are separate for books 1 - 4, and are combined for books 5 - 7.

Topics of Book 3
My school life
Buying stationeries
My relatives
Household chores
Keeping pets
Birthday celebrations

Vegetables and fruits
The Mid-Autumn Festival
Eating out
The Dragon Boat Festival
Celebrating Chinese New Year
Asking for directions
My holidays
Traveling in China